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Sober Coaching. Sober Companions.

Consider this: 50% of relapses during the first year
out of treatment happen in the first 30 days.

Treatment ends. Life begins.

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You've got questions, we've got answers.

The period right before or right after rehab can be filled with confusion.
Check out some answers to the questions we hear the most.

Treatment ends. Life begins.

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Addiction treatment is an investment.

We'll help you protect it.

Treatment ends. Life begins.

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Are you ready for freedom from addiction?

Simply fill out our online questionaire or give us call
and take the first step on your own path to freedom today.

Treatment ends. Life begins.

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46% of addicts who attend rehab relapse within six months.

That’s not an encouraging statistic. But what does this really mean for people who want to recover? It means that effective treatment and long-term abstinence call for much more than 30 days in rehab.

Treatment ends. Life begins.

If you’ve been to rehab, you’ve already made a huge investment…in yourself. Right Out Of Rehab helps you protect your investment.
Rehab is a great place to start your journey to recovery from addiction. For most addicts, however, rehab is the easy part! After completing inpatient or intensive outpatient addiction treatment, you’re different. But the world outside has not changed while you were away. The challenges awaiting you can be overwhelming. Be they emotional, physical or financial, handling these post-rehab challenges effectively can make or break you going forward in recovery.
That’s where we come in. We’ll help you make the transition to a successful, productive life after rehab by helping you:

  • Define and achieve your post-treatment goals
  • Embrace and enhance the head start you got in treatment
  • Establish and keep a daily structure that works best for you
  • Cope with cravings and other temptations – at the moment they come up for you
  • Become accountable to yourself and loved ones, and
  • Smoothly transition back to “real life” – guiding you and supporting you to make better decisions and develop better emotional, financial and interpersonal habits

We’re dedicated to doing what works…for you.

The Right out of Rehab approach is a holistic, highly individualized coaching program. All addicts have certain traits in common. You’ve likely addressed some of those general issues in treatment. After treatment, on the other hand, you will probably feel ready to conquer your individual challenges. We’ll be there for you. We’ll work with you to design an personalized wellness strategy that works best for you – and only you.

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